Remembering Dad

Dear Dad, We had a great time celebrating your 87th, didn’t we?

I have to confess that we have converted the fireplace to gas since then. We missed having you around to make a fire and, well, ours just weren’t quite the same…

I promise I’ll stop rewriting and rethinking and finish our book. It’s just that I have realized some things since you died and had to make some edits.

I’m writing more than ever and working hard at it. I think I’ve made my editor and publisher nuts. How many revisions did you do to your plans before you were satisfied? The early sketches flowed then the real work of craft began, right..?

Thank you for all our time together. Pretty soon I’ll be able to share your stories. They just weren’t meant for me alone. I love you. It’s custard pie in Heaven today! Happy Birthday!


5 thoughts on “Remembering Dad

  1. Your writing is very touching. I’m sorry your father is not present now, but we have the great hope of reunification. Your attitude is very upbeat which I am sure carries you through life’s difficulties. Thank you for your words.

    • Dear Annette, thank you so much for visiting this blog! I used to hang out here with my dad. After his death in 2016, I did finish the book, Conversations with Dad, and launched a new website to house my blog Not According to Plan and the book. You can find me at
      I really appreciate your lovely words and look forward to visiting your site!❤️

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