Dad called at 1:00 pm today: Hi Debs, I just called to let you know I’m still alive!

Me: Is everything okay, Dad?

Dad: Yeah (he chuckles). I just slept til 1:00!

He sleeps later and eats less but his sense of humor and spirit are great.

Me: Well, you’re well-rested! I’ll come over and warm up your breakfast.
(I drop what I’m doing and arrive just as he is reaching for his shoes. I hand him one.)

Dad: I think I should call my doctor and let her know how much I’m sleeping.

Me: What will she do, Dad, give you something to stay awake? (He chuckles again.) I think you look well-rested.

His Cream of Wheat has turned to a brick by now so I thin it with Ensure and warm it up. I wait for him to get off the phone with the Journal, (His paper wasn’t delivered again this morning, he loves his paper) making me late for a meeting but that’s the way these days go. I tell him I’ll pick up a paper after work and give him a kiss.

Dad: Thank you sweetheart. I love it when you stop by.

He smiles the smile that melts my heart: Do I look well-rested…?

Yep, well-rested!

I love my Dad.


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