A Dream

I turn to face the window, the pleasure of a soft pillow under my head and a warm quilt over me.

How precious the moment. I open my eyes just as the sun is lifting its weight from its own bed.

‘The Glory of God,’ I think to myself and pray thanks for the day.

Words ran through my head during the night–writing in my sleep I call it.

‘Remember that.’ I try…..it blurs and fades. All but a soul whirl, Search me O God and know my heart.

I dreamt I stole something. What…I can’t think. I don’t remember. Someone’s joy? How often have I done that? Yes, God was searching my heart.

My stories are long and weighty. I know. I’m sorry…

Yet I write with one purpose in mind. To share the weight and depth of God’s love–His Light expressed through the weight of our lives….


*Psalm 139:23


4 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. Life is weighty Debs, but God’s love for us is even more… I’m working on memorizing Psalm 139 (it reminds me so of mom), and this is a weighty psalm. The thought that God knows us so completely is sobering yet wonderful all in the same breath! I can’t help but cry every time I read verse 16…
    Keep writing…I so enjoy your posts…love you!

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